Life is both exciting and challenging as a first year student. The New Student Connections program provides a foundation for a successful transition for all new students into the University of Saint Francis community through the following initiatives: New Student Orientation, Welcome Weekend and the First Year Success Series; additionally, New Student Connections partners with the First Year Seminar, iConnect, and the First Year Seminar Lab, to provide seamless support and programming to assist new students in their transition.


Even before classes begin, we hope you come to see how you are a valued member of our community of learners. Each student brings a unique set of perspectives and skills. It is these unique difference which make our university great!


We want you to be successful personally and academically. Throughout your time at USF you will have access to resources and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Academic support services, career and internship guidance, spiritual development, and service-learning are just a few examples of such resources.


Here you will find a caring and welcoming group of faculty, staff, and students all committed to growth and exploration. Through discussion and reflection both inside and outside of the classroom, we hope to support your vocational journey to discovering and living a purposeful life of service to society.